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Bean to cup

The Scanomat Venezia Bean to Cup coffee machine is Scanomat's largest bean-to-cup machine. With state of the art technology, a focus on energy saving, uncompromising coffee quality and user friendliness this really is the future of coffee machine development. A revolutionary modular brew unit that can be removed in seconds for cleaning & maintenance. With an option of 1 or 2 grinders and up to 4 soluble cannisters the Venezia Coffee Machine is extremely versatile. It has a unique adjustable tamper system that may compete with leading Baristas. Speedy high volume serving: 6 cups in 20 seconds, 5 cups of instant coffee and 1 ground coffee. 3 heaters, built-in water tank of 5 litres – used whenever high volume carafe serving is required. The smallest milk foaming device yet seen, developed by Scanomat. The milk is kept cooled until it reaches the frother ensuring freshness and excellent hygiene.

The brewer can be adjusted to any cup size you may choose and automatically regulates the quantity of products required. The Scanomat Venezia B2Ci coffee machine uses less products and brews faster than its competitors, making perfect commercial sense without compromise. Unique design, the 10o slope of the front door is an eye-catcher and will not look out of place in the most stylish of environments. Can be bespoke branded if required.

Technical specification

Bean canister 2,6 kg / 2 x 1,3 kg
Instant canister 4,5 kg
Optional Fresh milk Yes
Cup counter Yes
Hybridbrew for a flask ( 5 x instant + 1-2 fresh bean) Yes
Opportunity for filter coffee Yes
Brewtime instant 5 sec
Brewtime fresh bean 20 sec
Electricity 230 / 400V
Power 2300-8400 Watt
Dimensions H 670 mm x  B 440 mm x D 610 mm
Direct water injection Yes
Jug facility Yes