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Adjusting your coffee strength or amount of milk in an easy and intuitive way is not very far from the future. With the TopBrewer and Scanomat iPhone app in combination, it's now for the first time more simple and intuitive than ever, to make your own favourite cup of coffee - still in a stylish and elegant way. It has always been a matter of taste how a desired coffee should taste. If it wasn't the milk foam that was too weak, it was the coffee that was too strong. We think we solved this problem in combination with the TopBrewer controlled iPhone App and with smart algorithms in the coffee machine. You want a bit more milk in that cappuccino. No problem! Just move the slider and adjust according to your personal preference, and the result is a delightful latte or cappuccino. Save the customized beverage and make it your own, by adding it as a personal favourite - stored on your iPhone. Now even your friends won't doubt your Barista coffee skills.

User Experience

  • Re-connect every time
  • Detailed coffee information
  • Brew with a swipe

When we designed the Scanomat TopBrewer app, we didn't want to make a simple push-of-button to brew a cup of coffee. What we really wanted was to give a rich user experience that felt like you were part of the brewing process. By receiving real-time status of the TopBrewer, you are now interacting with your coffee machine, by overseeing every bit of the brewing process of your freshly brewed coffee. From grinding of the fresh beans to the final extraction process, you won't miss a second of how your hot cup of coffee has just been made.

Coffee Customize



You now want to brew you favourite coffee from the TopBrewer. You are a frequent visitor at the coffee station in the office or at home, where the stainless steel faucet is waiting to brew your favourite customized coffee directly from your iPhone. Therefore it is important that you can launch the TopBrewer app immediately and place your order, without having to go all the way into the Bluetooth settings menu in IOS. Thanks to Bluetooth® re-connection technology it is no hassle. If you have paired with your preferred TopBrewer previously, you can expect an easy interaction with the machine next time. Just launch the app and you will be connected almost immediately - therefore only a swipe away for a hot cup of coffee or other desired beverage.

Welcome to the future of coffee reinvented!