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Your smartphone and tablet, can now make coffee.


We are proud to announce the release of the Scanomat TopBrewer App. This is a revolutionary way to brew a cup of coffee. We designed this to have coffee quality beyond a barista, a new innovative & instinctive user experience and a seamless integration into any environment. Introducing an App within the coffee world gave us the freedom to create something different - to make our dreams become reality. Enjoy it while working, playing or anything in between. Welcome to the future of coffee.

Quick Connect

Quick Connect

Quick connect

Quickly connect up to multiple devices at once. This makes your office, hotel or any other place you could imagine, a dynamic self-service area. Choose your desired drink fast, like never before. Fast connectivity is truly an important part of the experience




Having the device in the palm of your hand, or made available at a counter, gives you the possibility of customization with the Scanomat TopBrewer App. Never before, has it been so much fun to make your own cup of coffee. Save it as your personal favorite and give it a custom name. Next time, you will get the coffee served as deserved.

Samsung Phone TopBrewer


Now support both iOS and the Android Platform. A broader range of phone and tablets is now possible to use, so everyone can brew from their preferred device. Making your coffee has never before been such a social, and thrilling experience..

The Coffee Experience

With a new stunning user interface and easy to use operations, native iPad support for the TopBrewer is undeniable one of the best add-ons to our system.

Single touch brewing.

One-Click function for fast and easy operations with a clean surfaced animation - interacting with our app and brewing a cup of coffee, is all part of the coffee experience.

Brew status always in presence:

As a user of the TopBrewer, you will always be presented with the current state. Is the machine ready to brew, queuing a drink or is it in the process of grinding your fresh beans. No matter what happens in the process, the TopBrewer will inform you of it's current activity. That's what we think is part of delivering a great user experience!

iPad Mini Brewing

Customize your coffee

Be your own barista

Let the user customize their own drink in an intuitive way. Press the customize button, and experience a list of choices on how you want your coffee. Putting a bit more coffee in your morning cappuccino, has now never been easier. This is truly an immersive experience that needs to be tried, to fully understand it's great potential in any situation.

Add as personal favorite:

If satisfied with your customized coffee, you can always add it as your personal favorite and give it a name of your choose. Say you wan't more coffee in your americano or more water, or if needed to fill up cold water to a certain level in your cup, the favorite function makes it happen with a touch of a button.


Coffee Brewing

The art of coffee


Why wait for a cup for coffee?

When the Topbrewer only takes 15 sec to brew a Filter coffee.

The TopBrewer Pro comes fully equipped with two quality, high output grinders. Speed is the key on busy sites anh: d the TopBrewer can deliver a blazing fast brewed black filter coffee without compromising on quality. Due to its ultra fast grinders and brew unit mechanics, recovery times between cups are second to none allowing you to produce up to four cups of filter coffee per minute. Special characteristics are applied to the grinder, pump and brew unit settings, extracting maximum flavour out of the coffee grounds in the blink of an eye. The TopBrewer is setting new standards for what a super-automatic coffee machine can achieve. Perhaps even setting an all new category – can we call it an ULTRA-automatic?

15 sec cup of coffee

25 sec

Espresso. Perfectly Brewed.

In just 25 sec, you can be standing with a perfectly brewed Espresso

Extraction is the key. In the past Espresso could only be brewed on conventional manual machines in order to achieve a result that would be considered acceptable.
Scanomat changes that completely with a coffee system, which enables control of every brewing parameter possible. Our 64mm professional grinders allow for precise and fast ground coffee. Our all metal brewing unit takes over and applies correct water temperature, 20 kg of tamping, pre-infusion, and 9 bars of pump pressure – every single time. From the beautiful swan neck flows a vividly brown liquid and the result is a perfect extraction with a beautiful crema on top. Never before has this been possible to achieve on an automatic. Customers demand a consistent, high quality product and the TopBrewer always delivers.


Clearly Remarkable.

From the complete standby to first brew it only takes 45 sec.

Imagine a coffee brewer that you don't have to leave running. A coffee brewer that has no pressurized boilers, requires no yearly inspections and heats up water from cold to hot at the push of a button. Stop imagining. TopBrewer comes with a unique new boiler system developed to be powerful as well as energy focused. By heating up fresh water to brewing temperature for every cup, we allow the water to stay cold until brewing, ensuing a higher concentration of oxygen and as a result a better extraction. During the night or periods of inactivity, the brewer is simply powered down. At the press of button it jumps to life and is ready to brew in 45 seconds. Even steam is prepared this fast with the whole drinks menu set. Thanks to a preheated brew unit the first espresso temperature is just perfect.

TopBrewer 45 sec

Hot and Cold
Hot and cold drinks

Hot & Cold.

Chocolate, Coffee and Juice in one unique compact package.

The TopBrewer system uniquely combines both hot and cold drinks in one stylish package. Our optional cold water, juice and hot chocolate systems are pushing the boundaries of drink dispensing. With our ice-bank cooling unit you can serve a chilled glas of water in only seconds or do 4,5 liters in one go. At the same time we've included a fridge for up to 6 liters of milk. Combine our ice-bank unit with the Juice system and experience yet another dimension to the TopBrewer. Fresh, icy cold juice is dispensed just right every time and you can pre-define strength and size with ease. The bag-in-box system gives you a high quality, high concentrate product and 100 liters of juice that only takes up little space. Coffee, Juice and Chocolate is now brought together in one single unit.



Advanced engineering made simple


Two grinders

Fast with high quality

1 second grind. 64 mm discs. Stainless steel or ceramic. Automatic adjustment. High output. Unprecedented lifespan. The right ground coffee is crucial to a perfect extraction and we've chosen the best in the industry and fitted two of them to our TopBrewer Pro as standard or as an option on the Compact. The size of the discs enable fast grinds down to one second per cup and also keeps the coffee grounds stable in temperature. Automatic adjustments are made to also ensure a perfect consistency and a choice of stainless steel of ceramic discs can be selected. Whichever combination you choose, the parameters can be made to measure and our grinders will perform again and again, 700.000 cups from now. Select your coffee menu; maybe you would like to have two different roasts, a decaf option or just plainly a grinder for filter coffee and a grinder for espresso. The choice is yours.


Brewer icon

The brewer

It is like having your own barista.

Three motors simplify the mechanical moving components rather than using gears and leavers. This means that we reduce mechanical components which can break, and give our customers problems. The whole brewing unit is intelligently made to ensure easy service. You simply loosen a single finger screw, and the whole brewing unit can be pulled out and replaced in under 30 seconds.
As the brewer unit incorporates both motors, a heater and circuit boards, you almost get a new coffee machine in just seconds, reducing any possible down time to a minimum.


Utilizing the core ingredient in best way

The flash-heater makes all the difference. Rather than preheating a large quantity of water which with time just gets worse, we heat fresh cold water in just seconds. This aids to the taste in our coffee and you ask how? CO2 controls the waters ability to contain minerals, which is due to the carbonate system and means all minerals will be non-existent when the CO2 is gone. This does not happen while heating the water, but rather keeping the water at a boiled stage, which most coffee machines do. By instantly heating it we preserve some of the minerals, and this will give a better taste, as well as give better yield of the coffee. A cup of coffee contains 98% water, so therefore the water quality is extremely important.

Flash Heater


Brewing Chamber

Short travel for an hot experience.

The hot water is transported no more than 5 cm to enter the brewer chamber. This is preheated by the flash-heater, which means, that the water’s heat will not be absorbed by the environment as it is the same temperature. This is very important to make a hot drinkable beverage as the liquid will lose heat once it is poured into a cup. Temperatures are electronically maintained and extremely consistent, meaning that all the way through a shot of espresso, there are no temperature drops and resulting in a pristine espresso experience. ' When the water hits the puck (coffee grounds), the water should be between 92-95 degrees Celcius to get the right extraction and continuously maintained throughout the brew.

Automatic Cleaning

Automatic Cleaning

Makes life easier.

Cleaning the machine automatically, even during the day without you noticing it. The fresh milk lines are flushed after every brew, leaving no residue on the insides and minimizing the use of chemicals and shortening the daily cleaning routine. You don't even feel the machine doing it, as it all happens within. After a day of use, a simple 1 minute automatic clean cycle covers the whole machine and rinses both brewer and milk lines thoroughly. Days with heavy use might need more cleaning and here we have a separate, intensive program. With easy access to the brewer it's also a simple task to sweep with a wet cloth and use the cleaning brushes provided. We pride ourselves in saying that Scanomat's fully automatic bean-to-cup machines are the easiest in the industry to clean!

Drink Clean