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Office Coffee

Put coffee in the centre of your workplace.

Imagine a product which adapts to your needs. The TopBrewer is designed to seamlessly become a part of your regular work environment, and enhances it. If you're looking for cold water, juice or a piping hot espresso, this is the solution for you. Your café, reception or meeting area will never be the same. With the TopBrewer you take up only 1% counterspace in return for 100% customer satisfaction. Combine multiple TopBrewer units, to cater for all your needs, easily adapting to your environment and allowing for several servings simultaneously.

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Hotels, Bars & Restaurants

Quality & Quantity.

While relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere, have a cup of coffee. We take pride in our coffee experience ideal for the individual who just wants to savour every moment. Watch the coffee beans going through the processes to make your cup of coffee - from grinding of the beans to the coffee being extracted. Decors in lounges are important but with the TopBrewer you can place it where you choose. Let the individual guests use their own iPhones, or place an iPad as a main control unit. Having a large flow of people is not a problem, as the TopBrewer makes an espresso in just 25 sec. 

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Architecture & design

Great Design. Simple to implement.

We strive as a company to aid you in designing the perfect environment for you. With a strong belief that there is no other product on the market like the TopBrewer. The amazing flexibility, the high quality materials, and the perfect brewed coffee all create an experience like no other. With our design pack, you can easily access what you require to design the perfect installation, make your drawings and fulfil your dream. 

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Low energy usage. 

Not only does the TopBrewer have more drinks than any other coffeebrewer. It offers higher performance than any previous coffeebrewers, it’s also more energy efficient, using up to 90 per cent less energy in the idle state than our competitors. 

Friendly to the environment.

The coffee-brewer is mostly produced using steel. Steel is the most recycled material in the world, and in it's recycled state it saves 80% CO2 emissions and 75% of the energy needed to create steel from raw materials. Steel can be recycled infinitively without loss of strength or durability. 

Power saving - standby timer.

With most units in the coffee world, they very rarely want to switch them to standby or even switch them completely off. The reason being there is a internal water tank which is being kept warm. In the TopBrewer, we encourage you to use the powersaving mode, the unit is designed so that from a cold start to the first brew it only takes 45 sec. The schedule system within the machine ensures, that it will not be using energy when you dont desire it.