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Pro 4

Scanomat CaféCino Pro4 EU Compact Coffee Machine The Scanomat Pro4 EU Compact coffee machine is built from stainless steel and has an elegant & modern design.The coffee machine's front is equipped with a soft rubber panel that makes it simple to choose the desired product. Despite being compact in size the Scanomat Pro4 EU will deliver an impressive 135 cups per hour.

Focus on environment

The low energy Scanomat Pro4 spends more than 50% less energy than the leading competitors. Similarly, the machine can be programmed to sleep when not in use, and may also be programmed to turn on / off at a specific time. Coffee specialties within a few seconds.

A wide range of coffee specialties

With the Scanomat CaféCino Pro4 EU, you have a wide range of coffee specialties in a few seconds, which is particularly useful to small restaurants, cafes, offices, bars and fast food kiosks. In addition, the machine offers an easy automatic cleaning program, which ensures minimal maintenance

Technical specification

Coffee 323 cups (485 g)
Espresso 186 cups (280 g)
Chocolate 33 cups (735 g)
Milk 79 cups (950 g)
Tea water Yes
Cup per hour 135 (20 liter)
Water tank 3,3 l.
Clean program Yes
Power 1800 watts
Dimensions in cm H 55 W 26 D 31
Brew chambers 2
Direct water injection Yes
Jug facility Yes