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Compact One

Compact One

The Compact One serves coffee and Tea water in cups or flasks. This is a simple machine, which can serve a large group of people, without being big or bulky with minimal cleaning. This machine has the capacity to make 640 cups of coffee without having to refill coffee. The machine is always ready and makes 270 cups an hour. Simple, compact, well constructed in stainless steel.

Compact One Freeflow.

The Compact One Free flow is specially designed to serve large groups. It has the same number of cups total, and cups per hour as the Compact One. What makes this different is the pull down leavers, which allow you to control the quantity of coffee.

Technical specification

Coffee 323 cups (485 g)
Tea water Yes
Cup per hour 135 - 270 (20 liters - 40 liters)
Water tank 6 l.
Clean program Yes
Power 230 V / 400 V
Power consumption 1800-5600 watts
Dimensions in cm H 67 W 26 D 29
Brew chambers 2
Refill function Yes
Multi-brew Yes