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Companies starting with C

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The CBI moved their London HQ into a new 25,000 sq ft space on the 4th Floor of Cannon Place

“We wanted to create an office environment which had impact and was a place staff and our members could be proud of" Elaine McFarlane, Director, HR at the CBI

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Computer Software Giant

The TopBrewer has provided the technology firm with a unique stylish and space-saving refreshment solution

"The additional chilled water module offered a cost saving to our client compared with purchasing bottled water." Simon Bracken, Co-Founder, Scanomat UK


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Cornflake Smart App-artment

The UK’s first TopBrewer Home is installed in Cornflake’s Smart App-artment in the heart of the West End of London

We love the machine!  It's simple to use and epitomises smart designer living"Robin Shephard, CEO of Cornflake