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Case Studies

For the first time a coffee machine can fit seamlessly into a space and become a focal point of design. TopBrewer is suitable for any modern environment looking to deliver a gourmet coffee experience with a difference.  Here we bring you a selection of client case studies including quotes and testimonials.

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Leading Insurance Firm

Leading insurance firm installs TopBrewer & TopWater into staff breakout area

"I was particularly drawn to the styling of the TopBrewer product as it removes the ugly, oversized machines out of sight and leaves the unexpected." Steve Brewer, Co-Founder, Burtt-Jones & Brewer


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Computer Software Giant

The TopBrewer has provided the technology firm with a unique stylish and space-saving refreshment solution

"The additional chilled water module offered a cost saving to our client compared with purchasing bottled water." Simon Bracken, Co-Founder, Scanomat UK


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Social Media Firm

Social media firms new nest includes app-controlled coffee machine

“The team have absolutely embraced the TopBrewer concept as we imagined it.” Simon Bracken, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Scanomat UK

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Cornflake Smart App-artment

The UK’s first TopBrewer Home is installed in Cornflake’s Smart App-artment in the heart of the West End of London

We love the machine!  It's simple to use and epitomises smart designer living"Robin Shephard, CEO of Cornflake

The Association of Danish Law Firms

The Association of Danish Law Firms

A unique coffee machine for a unique space

"We wanted to create a special state-of-the-art experience in all areas of the Training Centre, therefore TopBrewer was the perfect choice." Kim Skou, Marketing Manager, The Association of Danish Law Firms



Nets were looking for the best coffee maker on the market.

"The other machines in the industry had no chance, we fell for TopBrewer from day one." Vivian Heilmann, Manager, Nets