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The new iPad App

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New and improved TopBrewer experience.

Introducing the latest update to the TopBrewer.

Brand new simple and beautiful design.

The latest TopBrewer iPad app comes with a stunning new design, improved user experience and an eye-catching new suite of icons. With a new and stylish black interface, we are now introducing a simple, minimalistic and premium app design for iPad. We didn’t just design on top of the old app, this was a total redesign, rethinking it from scratch, and most importantly, implementing your feedback into the design.
The menu items are now bigger, cleaner, and much easier to read; we have totally redesigned the cup icons on the main menu for more detail and to enhance the overall TopBrewer experience.

Menu choices

Your menu choices always shown the best way possible.

The new app allows for fully scaleable design. This means that no matter how many drinks you have - four, six or twelve - the app will adapt itself to fit your iPad and fill the entire screen. This means the former empty squares are a thing of the past. Your drinks are now more visible and optimised for any screen size - iPad Mini, iPad Air or the new iPad Pro.

More customisation.

We are delighted to reveal a much more intuitive customisation section, making personalising your coffee simpler than ever before. We designed the new app to be more focused on the customisation feature which most people love, and that some may have never experienced before. Now with a single click you will enter the customise function, which will allow you to adapt your drink to suit your taste. With the new app, we are now allowing for more customisation of the drinks - shift between grinders, choose different milk types, increase or decrease screen milk foam.** The options are endless...
More customization

Menu choices

Designed for the future.

We have always supported the normal iPad, which today is called iPad Air. With this new update, the graphics have also been optimised for the iPad Mini and the iPad Pro. This means you have the flexibility to go from a 7,9” display to a 12,9” display, and of course you also have our iPhone and Apple Watch apps. The new iPad Pro allows you to invite your colleagues, customers or friends to enjoy the TopBrewer experience on a larger screen.

A 'automagical' user experience...

The latest TopBrewer iPad app allows you to connect to the TopBrewer in an ultra-fast 1 second connection time, making this our most seamless iPad experience yet. The app comes with all new support for Bluetooth Low Energy connection and connects ‘automagically’ to enabled machines for an improved user experience.

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More customization

Seamlessly keeping your TopBrewer up to date…

The first coffee machine in the world, which introduces over-the-air updates to add new features and functionality. You might think this is just the app updates, but no, this is the actual TopBrewers software. This means for a TopBrewer owner, they can always look forward to new experiences, and new functionalities – all free. This is a part of the TopBrewer eco-system, which is growing in many different ways All to benefit the owners. Many new release are coming, and they will all be based on this first stepping stone.

iPad Pro 12 selection iPad Pro 12 selection

**Only applicable if recipes are changed.

Less is more

Brewer 360


Does not mean lack of functionality.

Milk foam is essential in making a foamy cappuccino or a creamy latte. This patented system gives exquisite textures, and makes the TopBrewer possible.

We have designed the TopBrewer to be both height adjustable and rotational. This means that you adjust the height all the way down from a small espresso cup to a large carafe.For cafés you get optimal flexibility in interacting with your customers while at the same time dispensing a flawless drink right in front of their eyes. This design features the best possible user experience, where todays solutions requires large table-top equipment that interferes with customer relations as they are often so large that the customer cannot see you or their drink being made..

Enjoying a perfect coffee

at the perfect temperature

So what is the perfect water temperature for when brewing coffee? 92-96 degrees Celsius and why you ask? This leads to an extraction which gets all the sugars and the aromatic oils from the coffee without burning it, when the water collides with the grounds of coffee inside the brewer.

The TopBrewer swan neck is insulated throughout and ensures that hot liquids from coffee and frothed milk to hot water or steam, will maintain their temperature throughout their journey for the optimal interaction.


Steam Milk

World's smallest milk foamer

Even the smallest part creates something big

Milk foam is essential in making a foamy cappuccino or a creamy latte. This patented system gives exquisite textures, and makes the TopBrewer possible.

Cold milk is pumped to the tip of the Topbrewer, where the hot steam meets it and starts the steaming process. Even though it is so small, it doesn’t mean we lack control, with various parameters we can achieve a perfect foam suited for every drink.

If it is so small, how do we keep it clean? Well after every drink the whole system is flushed with water to keep every dispense tasting nothing less than perfect.


Places Corperate

Be your own barista

Be your own barista

We realise that every person is unique. A meeting room in a corporate environment is used by a variety of people in a short timeframe and is expected to look a certain way. The TopBrewer can fit seamlessly into the room, and not become a distracting design factor. Additionally the TopBrewer App allows each individual person to customise their drink. When not using the room simply switch off the machine to save electricity. When needed the TopBrewer goes from Standby to brew in only 45 seconds. The TopBrewer offers a wide variety of hot and cold drinks. Give your guests an experience like no other.

Places Home

Be your own barista

Brew with a swipe

We have all had guests who all wanted different drinks. Remember the time where you had the pots & pans, kettle and coffee machine all running at the same time? That will never happen again - with the TopBrewer you have access to a wide variety of drinks. This includes everything from a cold glass of milk to a hot 5-layer-macchiato. The only thing you need is good company. On a day to day basis, when you’re on your way out the door it only takes 15 sec for you to get a cup of filter coffee. Having a control unit such as an iPhone or iPad ensures that you do not have to use excessive counter top space. If you’re like us and care about the environment we are proud to say that the machine is made from sustainable materials. Enjoy your favoured drink with a clear conscience.

Places Home

Be your own barista

We adapt to your needs

While relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere, have a cup of coffee. We take pride in our coffee experience ideal for the individual who just wants to savour every moment. Watch the coffee beans going through the processes to make your cup of coffee - from grinding of the beans to the coffee being extracted. Decors in lounges are important but with the TopBrewer you can place it where you choose. Let the individual guests use their own iPhones, or place an iPad as a main control unit. Having a large flow of people is not a problem, as the TopBrewer makes an espresso in just 25 sec. With our automatic milk system, we ensure that your milk has beautiful foam. This technology means that the milk texture is exquisite for Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato or whatever you might desire. Experience it yourself.


TopBrewer at Assael Architecture
TopBrewer at JellyFish in The Shard
TopBrewer at Architect Firm in Rotterdam
TopBrewer at Mintel London
TopBrewer at Architect Firm in Amsterdam
TopBrewer at Pharmaceutical Company
TopBrewer at CBI Club Lounge
TopBrewer at Education First
TopBrewer at Club Workspace
TopBrewer Minimalism
TopBrewer at Bang & Olufsen
TopBrewer at QBE Insurange Group
TopBrewer at Bentley Home
TopBrewer at Creative Ideas Agency
TopBrewer at Business Environment
TopBrewer at Danske Advokater
TopBrewer at Realdania
TopBrewer at Brit Insurance
TopBrewer at ITV
TopBrewer at Insurance Firm Staff Kitchen
TopBrewer at Juniper Networks
TopBrewer at Mercedes Showroom - Silver Arrow Cafe
TopBrewer at Blue Frontier. Designed by Westcountry Group
TopBrewer at Soria Moria Hotel & Conference Centre
TopBrewer at Glasses Store Denmark
TopBrewer in Law Firm Reception Area
TopBrewer at Office Principles
TopBrewer at Nlogic in Oslo
TopBrewer at Mintel Office
TopBrewer at Mintel
TopBrewer at Pension Firm
TopBrewer at GSMA
TopBrewer at Volvo HQ
TopBrewer at Dods in The Shard
TopBrewer at Porsche Car Showroom
TopBrewer at Stratstone MINI Showroom
TopBrewer at Spacestor
TopBrewer Cappuccino
TopBrewer in Kitchen Environment
TopBrewer in Reception Environment
TopBrewer at Volkswagen Headquarters
TopBrewer in staff kitchen
TopBrewer in Retail Environment
TopBrewer at Volkswagen UK
TopBrewer at RIBA London
TopBrewer at RIBA
TopBrewer Jug
TopBrewer at TAG Farnborough Airport
TopBrewer at Dotmailer - Email marketing specialists
TopBrewer Cafe in Copenhagen
TopBrewer Close Up
TopBrewer iPad App
TopBrewer Rustic Cabinet
TopBrewer at Radisson Blu Hotel at Manchester Airport
TopJuicer Apple Juice
TopJuicer - Orange Juice
TopBrewer at Duedil - Sparkling water
TopBrewer at Town Hall Netherlands
TopBrewer at BlueFrontier Office Pit Stop
TopBrewer at University Of Cambridge
TopBrewer at Verizon
TopBrewer at Verizon London
TopBrewer at Business Environment co-working space
TopBrewer at Fourfront Group
TopBrewer at Fourfront Group London
TopBrewer at Fourfront Group London Apple Watch
TopBrewer at Fourfront Group - The Larder
TopBrewer at Fourfront Group - breakout area
TopBrewer at Fourfront Group - Agile Working Space
TopBrewer at Fourfront Group - Social space
TopBrewer at Business Environment - co-working
TopBrewer and TopWater at Business Environment
TopBrewer with Apple Watch at Fourfront Group
TopBrewer at Jellyfish Group - Making tea
TopBrewer at Jellyfish Group - The Shard views from the bar
TopBrewer close up at Blue Frontier
TopBrewer at Jellyfish Digital Marketing Specialists
TopBrewer at Jellyfish Group - iPhone app
TopBrewer at Jellyfish making a fresh cup of tea
TopBrewer at Fourfront Group - Tea point
TopBrewer at QBE Insurance Broker Lounge
TopBrewer at Hip Chips Soho
TopBrewer at Blue Frontier
TopBrewers at QBE Insurance
TopBrewer swan neck and iPad
TopBrewer at sports company
TopBrewer in the workplace
TopBrewer in breakout area
TopBrewer Cappuccino Brewing
TopBrewer iPad app
TopBrewer at Autodesk - espresso
TopBrewer at Autodesk Soho - breakout area
TopBrewers at Investec
TopBrewer close up cappuccino
TopBrewer coffee machines at Investec
TopBrewer & meeting booths
TopBrewer and TopWater in open plan workspace
TopBrewer & TopWater in bright workspace
TopBrewer & TopWater at Adobe London
TopBrewer at Adobe - breakout area
TopBrewer at White Collar Factory
TopBrewer office tea point
TopBrewer office refreshment area
TopBrewer at Pool Re
TopBrewer at Pool Reinsurance
TopBrewer & TopJuicer at Skt Petri Hotel Copenhagen
Prinsenhof Suite Amsterdam   TopBrewer Tap Side View
Prinsenhof Suite Amsterdam   Room View
Skt Petri Hotel Copenhagen Refreshment Area
TopBrewer At Skt Petri Hotel In Copenhagen
TopBrewer Stations At Sas Radisson Denmark
TopBrewer At Sas Radisson Denmark
TopBrewer At The White Building Reading
TopBrewer At SunLife Financial Of Canada Basingstoke
TopBrewer At Pennyhill Park





Adjusting your coffee strength or amount of milk in an easy and intuitive way is not very far from the future. With the TopBrewer and Scanomat iPhone app in combination, it's now for the first time more simple and intuitive than ever, to make your own favourite cup of coffee - still in a stylish and elegant way. It has always been a matter of taste how a desired coffee should taste. If it wasn't the milk foam that was too weak, it was the coffee that was too strong. We think we solved this problem in combination with the TopBrewer controlled iPhone App and with smart algorithms in the coffee machine. You want a bit more milk in that cappuccino. No problem! Just move the slider and adjust according to your personal preference, and the result is a delightful latte or cappuccino. Save the customized beverage and make it your own, by adding it as a personal favourite - stored on your iPhone. Now even your friends won't doubt your Barista coffee skills.

User Experience

  • Re-connect every time
  • Detailed coffee information
  • Brew with a swipe

When we designed the Scanomat TopBrewer app, we didn't want to make a simple push-of-button to brew a cup of coffee. What we really wanted was to give a rich user experience that felt like you were part of the brewing process. By receiving real-time status of the TopBrewer, you are now interacting with your coffee machine, by overseeing every bit of the brewing process of your freshly brewed coffee. From grinding of the fresh beans to the final extraction process, you won't miss a second of how your hot cup of coffee has just been made.

Coffee Customize



You now want to brew you favourite coffee from the TopBrewer. You are a frequent visitor at the coffee station in the office or at home, where the stainless steel faucet is waiting to brew your favourite customized coffee directly from your iPhone. Therefore it is important that you can launch the TopBrewer app immediately and place your order, without having to go all the way into the Bluetooth settings menu in IOS. Thanks to Bluetooth® re-connection technology it is no hassle. If you have paired with your preferred TopBrewer previously, you can expect an easy interaction with the machine next time. Just launch the app and you will be connected almost immediately - therefore only a swipe away for a hot cup of coffee or other desired beverage.

Welcome to the future of coffee reinvented!